Why long term business vision matters?

In life, everybody has a kind of goal, for which strives and does his best to achieve. These goals are motivation and reason to fight, sometimes to survive, get another … of motivation, and reach the target.

In Business it is the same: one of the most crucial aspects of any business is the long term vision. Goal generation and enthusiasm are not enough for further success. It is a kind of tendency when start-ups or small companies do not have an exact clear vision of the future and are making tactical steps, however, it should be vice versa: short term tactics should be based on a long term vision.
Tactical actions are part of the roadmap of achieving the main target. It is normal, that sometimes many small companies are not able to have a relevant business plan because of the scarcity of resources or finance, however business planning is not only the plan on the paper, it is the vision of the business. Mostly it can be based on the mission as well: what does the business offer? What kind of value does it have? And where does it want to reach?

Besides the emotional factor, it provides business benefits on which the strategy is conducted.

Clarity: where the company is going, what it wants to achieve, what is going to be after 10 years, what kind of market share it wants, how much revenue it eagers to generate etc.

Motivation: that is always works! Where do you want to be after 10 years? Familiar question? The most typical question people have got and still are getting during interviews since this reveals what is person’s vision for the future. The same in business: the motivation is much higher, is the business’s vision is to create a brand with the highest value.

Perspective: Long term vision is the base and future of the business. While thinking big, it is easier to understand what can contribute to the target, what kind of opportunities it will bring. Investors prefer those who have a clear understanding and a vision of their idea, its implementation, and the future. So if the business wants to be taken serious, long term vision is a must.

While talking about long term vision, it not about the profit only, it is about where the company is going to be. For example, IKEA has achieved quality at most affordable prices and offers a huge variety to its customers. It eagers to “create a better every day for its customers”. Or Bill Gates’s vision in 1980 when he was Microsoft Chairman “A computer on every desk and in every home”. We all can state that these companies have done and are still doing to achieve or maintain their business vision. If Microsoft thought only about selling just some computers, it would never be a Microsoft.

To achieve the big, think big.

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