How to Take LinkedIn Skill Assessment

How to Take LinkedIn Skill Assessment

LinkedIn skill assessments feature has recently become quite famous among hiring managers. Adding your skills to your LinkedIn profile is no longer the key to getting hired.

LinkedIn skill assessments are a new way to verify a particular skill required for hiring someone. 

A recruiter searches for a specialist who has verified skills, and their job posting usually includes a required skill badge for this position. This article covers everything about the LinkedIn skill assessment test; read on to learn more.

What Are LinkedIn Skill Assessments?

LinkedIn Skill assessment
LinkedIn Skill assessment

Skill Assessments were launched in 2019; the feature wasn’t famous until recently; LinkedIn started promoting this feature more. 

The assessments are short tests for a specific skill. You must pass the test to get a skill badge in your LinkedIn profile Skills section. This badge is proof that you are proficient in this particular skill.

Where Can I Take LinkedIn Assessments?

Take skill quiz
Take skill quiz

Linkedin skill assessments are divided into three categories: technical skills, business skills and design skills. To take assessment tests on your relevant skills, go to your profile, scroll down to reach your “Skills” section, and click on “Take Skill Quiz”.

You will appear on the Skill assessments page, where you can find your recommended skill assessments and search for other skills assessments.

How to Earn LinkedIn Skill Badge?

SEO skill badge
SEO skill badge

For starters, make sure you have a stable internet connection. You can take the test on mobile, but LinkedIn recommends taking it on desktop.

To have a verified skill, you need to take the assessment test. A typical an assessment consists of 15 multiple choice questions. You need to score in the top 30% to earn a skill badge. For each question, you get 1.5 minutes to answer.

The skill badge appears on your LinkedIn profile under the Skills section and shows how many people took the test when you click on it.

How to Prepare for LinkedIn Skill Assessments?

LinkedIn Learning Courses
LinkedIn Learning Courses

For each skill assessment, LinkedIn also has a relevant LinkedIn learning course which will help you to prepare for the test.

There are tons of lessons in various formats, languages and levels. You can also choose the courses based on the time it takes to complete them. LinkedIn gives a 1-month free course trial, so you can go ahead and start preparing for the skill assessments immediately.

Before taking the actual test, you can practice it. Click on the practice button and see what the test looks like and if this is something you can pass at the moment. So you can practice the test and try to pass it later when you are ready.

Learning courses on LinkedIn

What to Do If You Don’t Pass the Assessment?

If you don’t pass, you usually get another chance to pass the test. If you don’t pass the test the second time, this doesn’t show on your profile. And you can decide whether or not to show the badge on your profile.

How do Recruiters Use Skill Assessments?

When searching for suitable candidates, recruiters usually filter them according to their skill badges. If you own skill badges, your profile is more likely to pop up in front of recruiters and HRs searching for someone in your profession.

After taking the skill assessments on SEO, I have noticed that I’m getting much more messages from Recruiters and HRs.


Can you cheat on LinkedIn skill assessments?

You may search for the questions on the web and answer them, but the time is limited to 1.5 m per question, so I wouldn’t recommend wasting your time finding answers. Instead, try to answer the questions logically.

Who Are Creators of Skill Assessments?

LinkedIn Assessments are prepared by experts and leaders who also prepare courses for LinkedIn Learning.


If you’re in search of a job, LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to find it. It would help if you had a professional profile and actively contributed to the community by sharing your skills and knowledge in your posts. Having the necessary skill badges will only help you land the desired job.

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