How to Drive Free Organic Traffic to Your Website

I suppose that you have already created your business/ product website and now it’s time to learn how to drive traffic to your website.

For entrepreneurs, SEO is an integral part of building a successful startup from the ground up. Despite this, many founders neglect this low cost, high reward business strategy.
Running a startup means that you dream big and work hard to create an awesome product, but nobody knows about it just yet.
This article contains the most effective free platforms for posting/ advertising your product or service. You can use these platforms to get the first paying customers or real feedback.

1. Product Hunt

Today you can consider Product Hunt the first place to go when it comes to demonstrating the startup product. This is a great platform for promoting new technologies, games, and books, anything. Besides, the voting system allows you to get a higher position in the product list.

One of the greatest advantages of Product Hunt is that products can become viral instantly. If you want to attract customers who are constantly looking for new products, Product Hunt is one of the main sites that you must pay attention to. Its audience totals more than 90K subscribers. The subscription is free.

2. HackerNews

In case if you have a tech startup and need feedback, then post it on HackerNews. On this platform, a good technological product can instantly collect a huge number of “hits”.

This is a great platform if your audience understands the technical side of the product. Later on, this audience can be the base for the further development of your business. Currently, more than 150K people are signed up for HackerNews. The subscription again is free.


This is a new service, the main task is to collect information about the best tech companies, startups, markets, eco-systems, and locations for business. The idea is to make information open to a wide audience, that was initially available for Wall Street and the Fortune 500 companies.
As a user, you can receive information from the site or subscribe to the newsletter. Now the audience of the service totals over 7K users.

4. Reddit-Side Projects

This is an amazing platform if you need to present your idea to a large audience. After posting your product idea, you get feedback. If the idea is really good, users can begin discussing your ideas, involving users from all over the Internet. You can even immediately sell your idea. The community has over 9K subscribers.

5. Reddit-Entrepreneur

This is not a place to post your startup idea or product but you can tell more than 100K subscribers about your product completely for free. If you are lucky and the community starts discussions of your startup or concept, you may have a good opportunity to get to the first page of the site.
The only limitation is that you need to have at least 10 karma points. If you are an active Reddit user, grab your chance right away.

6. Angellist

AngelList is a platform for startups to raise money online, recruit employees, and apply for funding. One of the best startup directories to present your startup to the world. Now Angellist is also becoming a social network where you can contact investors to get money for your startup.

7. Mashable

Mashable is a media platform that usually places tech startups (or just something that is interesting). The platform is the go-to source for tech, digital culture, and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.

8. Betalist

If you agree to share small details about your startup or product at the testing stage, Betalist is worth registering and filling out the form. Be sure this is the site where hundreds of visitors come from and about 30% subscribe.

9. Springwise

This is a platform that reveals all aspects, starting from startup ideas to innovations in various fields: health and education, life hacks, IoT (Internet of Things), fashion, entertainment and much more. The platform publishes only three to five projects a day for their audience of 400K users, but if you have a killer idea, a truly innovative product, contact Springwise.

10. KillerStartup

Posts on KillerStartup are often displayed in search queries and quickly spread on the Internet. Why is that? They ask companies financial-related questions. It usually takes three to six months to publish for free, if you want to publish quickly, pay $197.

11. TechCrunch

One of the most famous startup platforms. The chances of introducing your startup at TechCrunch are very low, but if you add your product presentation, anything is possible.

12. Crunchbase

Over 130 thousand startups are placed on this platform and this is the place where you must have a company profile. You can find investments and help with marketing research. In addition, mentions on Crunchbase have a high Trust Rank in search engines.

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