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How to Delete Account

If you have decided to delete account, you have probably faced with high interest rates, high fees, the fact that the app is not available in many countries, or you just want an app that also has a web version. Read on to learn how to delete Crypto com account.

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Established in 2016, is one of the leading crypto wallets on the market. Since then it has become one of the best places for crypto transactions. You can buy, sell and exchange over 100 cryptocurrencies on their app.

The company is well known for its expensive advertising campaigns during the last Super Bowl, its short video intro featuring Matt Boomer, and for laying off more than 300 employees.

Have a better alternative to and decided to move on? Follow our steps below to delete your account.

How to Cancel Crypto com account

Before canceling your account, make sure you know that you will no longer have access to your App, exchange, and visa card. Keep in mind, that you can’t recover them later on.

If that’s what you are searching for, follow our steps to close your account.

Step 1: Withdraw Money from Your Account

Before Canceling your Crypto com account, make sure to withdraw all the remaining balances from your account. Transfer all your money from your crypto account to another bank account or crypto wallet. Keep in mind that the minimum withdrawal limit on is $100.

Step 2: Contact Crypto com

In order to be able to delete your account you need to contact support team. Send an email to [email protected], from your registered email address.

Use the Subject line “Close Account,” and nothing more as this will help to prioritize your email from the rest of them. As soon as you hear from them you will be able to delete your account.

Step 3: Freeze Your Visa Card

When canceling your account, you will also need to freeze your visa card as you won’t be able to use it without your account. To freeze your visa card first withdraw or spend all your funds and have zero balance on your account.

If you have money on your that you want to withdraw before freezing, you will need to pay $50 from your card as a fee.

As stated on the money will be applied as a processing cost.

Step 4: Contact Crypto com To Freeze the Visa Card

When you have 0 money on your Visa card, you can reach out to to close your account. Use the in-app chat or send an email to their support team ([email protected]) from your registered email address, with the subject line “Close Card.”


What Happens If I Close My Crypto Account?

According to policy, they are eligible to keep your personal information for minimum of five years.

What Will Happen If I Want to Register on Again

You can sign up again with your personal information to any time you’d like; however, you will be considered a new user and won’t be able to access any old data.

Will I Be Able Eligible For Promotional Offers For New Accounts

No, you won’t be eligible for promotional offers for new users, including the $25 signing bonus.

What Is the Maximum I Can Withdraw from

The maximum limit for new users in is $5000 daily. For “Advanced Users” the daily limit is up to 100 BTC.


To close account on account, ensure you have followed all the steps, such as spending or withdrawing all your money and coins to bank account or other crypto wallet.

Ensure you have kept all the required data, such as buy and sell prices, to track your profit and loss later. 

What is your reason for deleting your account? Did you have any difficulties deleting your account? Let us know in the comment section.

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