How COVID-19 is Changing Media Consumption

The coronavirus pandemic is very quickly impacting every aspect of our lives. Starting from canceling events to self-quarantine orders from governments. The world nowadays looks so much different from what it was just a few weeks ago. This kind of lifestyle change is impacting how people consume media.

The impact of the COVID-19 is wide spreading and most likely is going to shape new business and consumer behavior for upcoming months. 
The effect of today’s reality on the media industry is straightforward.
Bloggers, content creators, networks, studios, media agencies, advertisers and brands have significantly more opportunities to engage potential consumers simply because of the clear media consumption. And from an advertising perspective, companies/ brands will most likely need to adjust which products are being marketed.

As we all are adjusting to this new reality, Nielsen Media recently examined how COVID-19 has affected media consumption. Here are some interesting points and we do hope these insights from the early stages of the global pandemic will somehow help businesses correctly respond to market needs and understand consumer behavior.

This is how COVID-19 has changed media habits in each generation

During this period of worldwide pandemic social isolation, it’s obvious that people started consuming vast amounts of media.

The graphics used data from a Global Web Index report to understand how people increased their media consumption as a response to the outbreak. What’s most important, let’s understand how it differs across generations.

People are becoming worried about how much time they spent using their devices. However, specialists suggest that device usage time itself is no cause for concern. What really matters is the content we choose to consume everyday. This in its turn has a significant impact on our psychological well-being. 

No doubt that this serious health threat shakes world markets, stocks and affects the media ecosystem. The fact is that every generation is relying on their devices during this pandemic, which in its turn creates an amazing opportunity for media companies to engage potential audiences.

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