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Best SEO Tools For Content and Keyword Research in 2020

Being an SEO specialist who is dealing with both onsite and offsite SEO, I have been using the best SEO tools not only for clients but for my blog-post as well.

The tools I have included in my post are proven to be very convenient and practical to use not only by me but also by the most famous SEO experts.

Content Research

Before writing each of the articles there are several tools I use to be sure that my posts will be interesting for readers and will rank on search engines.

First we need to come up with a topic idea, then move to keyword research for the topic, and only then start writing the article.

1. Answer The Public

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Answer The Public is one of the most creative and helpful tools I have tried.
The tool simply fetches questions with the keywords you want. You just need to insert it in the field and get your tons of question ideas.

The website is welcoming you with its infinite video of this handsome man staring at you. Regardless, if you want to generate content ideas for your keyword this tool will surely help you with that.

There are always times when you don’t have any idea where to start from and what questions to answer in your blog-posts. This tool is extra helpful in such cases. When I look through all the questions from Answer The Public it hits me with so many new ideas.

2. Hemingway Editor

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If you own a blog and you want to have higher post readability. This tool is just for you. Paste your article in Hemingway Editor and fix the hard and very hard sentences, also fix some grammar issues. The readability grade should be from 6 to 10.

This tool makes the phrases from your content easier to read. As you know Google search gives the priority to the web pages that have high-quality content and are clear to understand.

If you aren’t a native English speaker, this tool will come very handy. Use it before posting any content on your website or even social media.

3. Content Template by SemRush

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The SemRush SEO tools provide so many wonderful features in the pro version, and one of them is SEO content Template. You only need to type some keyword ideas, select the country are going to target and create SEO template.

Based on Google’s top 10 rivals Semrush gives you Semantically related words,
Suggests backlinks that you might want to acquire, it checks the average readability score for these top ten results. It also checks if these top results have videos on their page and recommends the text length to beat these pages.

The tool also shows a preview of how your top competitors are using these keywords in their posts and gives basic recommendations on where and how to use your target keyword in your content.

4. To The Web

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Meta descriptions and titles should be unique for each page, they need to include primary and/or secondary keywords in them. Most of you know that there are right character count and pixel limits for both of them. To check if the page has a correct meta title and description pixels, you may use one of To The Web tools.

It’s a free tool showing the preview of your post in search engines and demonstrating the pixel issues you have in your meta titles and descriptions. Simply add your URL to generate the preview.

This tool I mostly use after finding all technical issues on clients’ websites. If there are pixel related issues connected with meta title and description characters I check them with To The Web tool.

5. Content Research by BuzzSumo

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If you have an interesting topic in mind, but you don’t know if people would be interested in this topic and how will they react, you can use BuzzSumo.

How does it work? Search for the topic that you want to write about and check the top 5 pages on BuzzSumo.
Only after checking this data you can understand if it’s worth to spend so much time and resources on the content creation.

After this step, I usually start the keyword research process and only then start writing.

Keyword Research

It’s unbelievable how a properly keyword researched content can rank even if you are still new in this game. You can write about the same topic with top websites but include in your article alternative search terms which have high volume and low keyword difficulty and drive huge traffic to your website.

Here are a few Keyword Research tools and tricks that may help you throughout this exciting journey.

6. Keyword Explorer By Ahrefs

keyword explorer

Ahrefs is one of my recommended tools for both content and keyword research. It has both options in it and shows trustworthy results.

The advantages of this tool are many. You can search keywords for 10 Search Engines, find relevant keywords and question ideas, see top 100 pages ranking for each keyword and see their backlink quantities.

Besides you can freely create a list of keywords and export only the keywords you want. With this tool in your hand keyword research becomes a fun game, and you start enjoying the process. 

7. Keyword Research By Moz

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Keyword Research tool by Moz provides 500 million keyword suggestions, it fetches relevant keywords, their monthly search volumes and difficulty, and organic CTR. You have access to 10 queries a month with your free account. Of course, it won’t be enough if you search for new keywords daily. For more options, you will need to get the pro version.

8. KW Finder

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KWFinder is another keyword research tool, which will help in finding new keywords from anywhere, in any language. You can start the trial account to have a better understanding of how it works.

The product will help you find massive keyword options with its search volume, keyword difficulty, CPC, PPC, etc.

9.Keyword Planner by Google

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Google Keyword Planner is for those who want to showcase their ads on Google Search, but it’s also very useful for keyword research. It gives many keyword ideas to choose from and is a really helpful tool if you don’t want to buy any KW research product.

The tool uses Google Data and has a great country filtering option. Don’t pay attention to competition as it is meant for paid placings.

10. Ubersuggest

ubersuggest screenshot bmtd

Ubersuggest is an alternative SEO tool by Neil Patel. It’s not only good for keyword analyzing processes but overall website analyzing processes. Neil’s product can be a terrific source of interesting content ideas.

Besides, it will help to detect your top-ranking pages, see backlinks to the website, etc.
To track your project go and sign up and get more detailed website/keyword reviews.

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